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As a professional SEO company, we explain the work we plan to do for our clients in plain English without the techobabble because we understand that our clients employ us to manage their website and marketing so they don't have to. Before starting with any SEO contract for our clients, we engage in research to identify key things to focus on to bring the client the most benefit, starting with keyword research and opportunity and working our way up to the full strategy.

We use many different techniques to optimize your website depending on what is appropriate and desired by the customer. Sometimes we will do a complete site redesign to improve the customer's experience on a site while other times we may merely tweak the site and move on to other techniques to increase visitors and increase sales. Whatever needs your business has , we will work with you to build the strategy that best fits your needs.

Everything that we do is fully documented so that you can know in a moment what we are doing to improve your bottom line. We document changes we make to your website in our on-page optimization efforts, all link building and social network marketing we do in your off-page optimization, and we provide regular reports to you demonstrating the effectiveness of our efforts to increase traffic to your site and increase your profits.

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